Celebrating Birthdays in the Acorn Nursery

by Mia Reed, Acorn Nursery Teacher

As I sit here sewing gold trim onto a beautiful hand dyed blue silk, I ponder the gifts that the recipient of this particular birthday cape has brought with him. I think of the child in question, remembering moments we have shared at school, consoling tears, comforting after a fall in the grass, looking at birds in the sky, laughing together over silly words, watching proudly as they master a task. I think of the family. I think of the love they have for their child to bring him or her to us. I think of conversations we’ve had, chit chatting at festivals and potlucks.


Birthdays are favorite moments in the Acorn Nursery for me. There is so much love in the room as we gather in our circle to tell the birthday child’s story. Leading the child by the hand to their parents, singing our special song, “in Heaven shines a golden star, an Angel led her from afar, from Heaven high below to Earth… and led her to her House of Birth”. Some children get shy and hide behind my legs, others run ahead with joy. The teacher tells the story of the Little Angel and the Big Angel up in the Heavens, doing good work together, work that results in gifts that the Little Angel tucks into their back pack for when they will travel down to Earth. There’s a part in the story that I find so beautiful, that tells of the Little Angel handing their wings to the Big Angel for safe keeping upon their return…IMG_7589

As the birthday celebration goes on, I watch as the candles get lit, I watch the child open their gift, I watch as each child hands over their chosen treasure, and my heart is filled with love and joy.

And then to top it all off, there’s whipped cream : )